Saturday, 30 January 2010

Various Artists - Stoned Cold Busted 1 Mix By Vitamin D

“Derrick Daisey, founder of "Cold Busted" picked up on Delicious Delicacies through a chance listen on Uniq Beat’s Soundcloud. Belle is now part of an eclectic line up on the latest "Cold Busted" Compilation expressly chosen by Derrick himself for her "gorgeous vocals".

Stone Cold Busted 1 is an eclectic compilation of tracks featuring current and new artists signed to Cold Busted and includes a 63 minute bonus DJ mix done by Vitamin D. With over 20 different artists and a variety of styles and sounds, the compilation and DJ mix are ear perking treats. Artists that have released on Cold Busted such as JK Soul, Gramatik, and Green Street showcase fresh tracks along with new comers such as The Soul Pilot, Native, Paul Schulleri and more. The mix starts out smooth with Trip Hop and soulful, funky beats like ‘New Generation’ by Gramatik and Brale with clean and subtle cuts and scratches throughout the mix. The feel good vibe continues with a notable mix into Belle’s gorgeous vocals and beats with the track ‘Delicious Delicacies’. More mellifluous tunes are presented such as ‘Radio Trauma’ by Sixfingerz as well as playful and grooving tunes like Electric Booty Call’s ‘Mystic Bang’ mixed flawlessly into the hilarious and funky ‘Organic Caterpillars’ by Dogfight. The second half of the mix explores more minimal and experimental beats, IDM, Downtempo and Jazzy flavors with crunchy beats and live instruments such as ‘Still Alive’ by the Great Red Shark, ‘A Moment’ by Extraordinary and ‘Green Glass Jazz’ by CHD Vs. Vexx & Lavine featuring the warm vocals of Katherine King. In all, Stone Cold Busted 1 is a superb compilation and mix featuring a new series of exciting tracks and artists on Cold Busted, don’t miss out!

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