Thursday, 11 November 2010

Prose - My Baby ft. Belle

So Steady and Efeks (AKA UK Hip Hop dons), have released their first long player for your listening pleasure! It has been a long time coming...but it was worth the wait I believe. "Force of Habit" blends Steady's compulsive crate digging and love of boombap hip hop with Efeks carefully crafted lyrics and passionate delivery.

I first met these two whippersnappers at a cypha in the crack den that was Dragon bar where I would warble and they would respectively rap and and fiddle with mpc's. It was the start of something dead spesh (An Industry term). Indeed this very open mic spawned some prodigious talent including Sabira Jade and Om Unit. Anywho, I do indeed have a little ditty meself on the release called "My Baby". My favourite tracks are "The Basics" (feat.haiku & crusada), "Departed" and "Run for the Hills" -feat.ed strong & king kaiow of the i.r.s.

Listen to a snippet of Prose - 'My Baby' ft. Belle

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Teebs - Why Like This (Belle's Refix)

Teebs is a talented producer and visual artist, first picked up by Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder) as his protege, alongside talents like Kutmah, Strangeloop, Daedelus, Samiyam and Tokimonsta.

I am a huge fan of his work and was completely blown away by his his rather scintillating set at the last Brainfeeder night in London. I have been humming away to "Why Like This" from the Ardour album and thought I would do a refix in my room! My lyrics may be sparse, but I hope are a reflection of music's unbelievable universality and it's unending ability to touch souls and minds across borders and seas.
Please share/comment/let me know what you sailors think....

Teebs - Why Like This (Belle's Refix) by ouicestbelle

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Do I like SEX?

Now then campers,
As some of you who been lucky enough to come close to my fabulous will know of my feminist leanings. I had some of my heckles raised to within an inch of boiling point upon reading a recent article by our beloved posh teddy bear that is Stephen Fry. Now I love our national saviour of Twitter as much as the next non homophobe homosapien...however, I am slightly concerned and bemused that he seems to be able to pigeon hole my hetereo sex drive with such deft accuracy. No Stephen, I dont have sex to keep my man keep him in a relationship, to make sure I get my puke making cath kidston kitchen set. I do it ( unsuprisingly), because I like to (in the words of Primal Scream) get my ROCKS OFF...GET MY ROCKS OFF HUNNNNNY.

I really dislike being schooled on my sexuality, let alone by someone who has no experience of my particular sexual persuasion. Perhaps many straight women's reticence to form similar camp cottaging clubs stems from them wanting to have a shag that lasts more than 3 minutes flat? Can women decide on their own how they feel about sex for once, rather than their adherence to some kind of arbitrarily chosen sexual code from the 1950's. Perhaps this is the price that you pay for having been educated at the well known free swinging University of Cambridge. Ah I thought not. I would prefer it if, after eons and ice ages of misogynistic misanthropes deciding where I have sex and with whom that, for once I get a choice in deciding how my sex life runs.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Zayna Daze

There is a lady I know that seems to have boundless creativity, whether it be blogging, singing, filming...pretty much anything she turns her dainty hands to turns to gold.
I met Zayna Daze whilst performing on the same bill at a Spredluv event, I was immediately struck by her sweet vocals and command of her trusty loop box. I love chilling, writing and collabing with this woman.

Check her video below recorded on an impromptu brainstorming sesh at the Vortex Jazz bar in Dalston. We are currently working on a lil Ep together with the mega talented Shuanise... so watch out for the takeover...

Belle's Brainstorm from Zayna Daze on Vimeo.

Delicious Delicacies- Wayz Remix

I have been working with the delectable Drum and Bass producer Wayz on several projects. Wayz has been featured on Drum and bass Arena’s podcast which caught the attention of Breakbeat Kaos’s DJ Fresh, in turn leading to the subsequent signing of ‘Beyond’ to the high profile Dogs on Acid label. His tracks have also been featured on; Knowledge Magazine, Radio1, 1xtra, BBC Asian network and now has play support from some of the scene’s top DJ’s. Following a handful of successful releases WAYZ has decided to launch his own imprint, Steam Recordings, with good friend Sidius.

Our most recent collaboration is a remix of my track with Dj 2tall's - "Delicious Delicacies" which has been getting some good loving on YouTube recently.

Our previous collaboration was on Wayz's scintillating remix of "What you Want".

Drum and Bass has always been a big inspiration to me from my raving days and I am looking forward to working with Wayz on future projects.

Soul For Real - Charlie Wrights, Wednesday 3rd November.


Doors open at 8.30pm, Show starts from 9pm. £5 on the door before 10pm, £7 thereafter. Unwind for a few hours, enjoy some of the best out there.

Location Charlie Wrights International

45 Pitfield St, N1 6DA (Old Street)
London, United Kingdom

Charlie Wrights International -

Nadine Charles -

Nathan Adams -

Belle -

Chantelle Nandi -

Yasmin Piano

Come see all these amazing performers at CHARLIE WRIGHTS (Old Street/Hoxton area)


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