Sunday, 5 December 2010

Shuanise (The magnificent)

Shuanise is a singer, nay human being, that makes us joe averages sit up and take notice. Blessed upon blessings with her voice, charisma and beauty she shines out completely peerless in an increasingly dull music market.

Born in Dallas and raised in North London she is an unusual hybrid, mixing her native Nigerian roots with glitch hop influenced beats. "Kingdom" is just one of her majestical musical offerings... I became entranced by her melodies, harmonies and spoken word riffs. Another release Voice Of Reason EP on Up My Alley is intimate, sensual and introduces us to her innate ability for killer vocal arrangements.

She has collaborated with many of the great and the good including TOKiMONSTA- (Solitary Joy) and Duktus (On the Brownswood Bubblers track "Wide Eyes").

"Wide Eyes" is certainly one of my most treasured tracks of the last few years...

"to find true must live within... and as I took off my mask and opened up my eyes.. gold dust hit the floor... WIDE EYES"

fLako & Shuanise - Untitled

I am now extremely lucky to call Shuanise a truly close friend. She is a person that radiates light and has often mused that "Music has been my biggest healer throughout my life". How lucky for us (the listening public) that we gain such joy from her musical meanderings. We are now working together as a deliciously dulcet trinity with the similarly vocally blessed Zayna Daze.

As Shuanise implores us "tune your ears" and lets make it in a shuanise now now time signature.

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