Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Do I like SEX?

Now then campers,
As some of you who been lucky enough to come close to my fabulous personage...you will know of my feminist leanings. I had some of my heckles raised to within an inch of boiling point upon reading a recent article by our beloved posh teddy bear that is Stephen Fry. Now I love our national saviour of Twitter as much as the next non homophobe homosapien...however, I am slightly concerned and bemused that he seems to be able to pigeon hole my hetereo sex drive with such deft accuracy. No Stephen, I dont have sex to keep my man happy...to keep him in a relationship, to make sure I get my puke making cath kidston kitchen set. I do it ( unsuprisingly), because I like to (in the words of Primal Scream) get my ROCKS OFF...GET MY ROCKS OFF HUNNNNNY.

I really dislike being schooled on my sexuality, let alone by someone who has no experience of my particular sexual persuasion. Perhaps many straight women's reticence to form similar camp cottaging clubs stems from them wanting to have a shag that lasts more than 3 minutes flat? Can women decide on their own how they feel about sex for once, rather than their adherence to some kind of arbitrarily chosen sexual code from the 1950's. Perhaps this is the price that you pay for having been educated at the well known free swinging University of Cambridge. Ah I thought not. I would prefer it if, after eons and ice ages of misogynistic misanthropes deciding where I have sex and with whom that, for once I get a choice in deciding how my sex life runs.

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