Thursday, 11 November 2010

Prose - My Baby ft. Belle

So Steady and Efeks (AKA UK Hip Hop dons), have released their first long player for your listening pleasure! It has been a long time coming...but it was worth the wait I believe. "Force of Habit" blends Steady's compulsive crate digging and love of boombap hip hop with Efeks carefully crafted lyrics and passionate delivery.

I first met these two whippersnappers at a cypha in the crack den that was Dragon bar where I would warble and they would respectively rap and and fiddle with mpc's. It was the start of something dead spesh (An Industry term). Indeed this very open mic spawned some prodigious talent including Sabira Jade and Om Unit. Anywho, I do indeed have a little ditty meself on the release called "My Baby". My favourite tracks are "The Basics" (feat.haiku & crusada), "Departed" and "Run for the Hills" -feat.ed strong & king kaiow of the i.r.s.

Listen to a snippet of Prose - 'My Baby' ft. Belle

Please go and support quality hip hop my bredren! BUY IT! None of this dodgy pirate styley download bizzzzzness. LINK TO BUY


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